The Non-Obvious Guide to Emotional Intelligence



Today’s leaders are more stressed than ever. Whether you are leading a Fortune 500 company trying to retain top talent, or are an entrepreneur trying to cultivate the next great idea, the current corporate landscape is unpredictable, multi-factored, and complex. This is where the power of emotional intelligence comes in.

In this guide, Aperio founder and CEO Kerry Goyette challenges the conventional wisdom of EQ by breaking down the neuroscience of emotional intelligence and offering a bold and applicable new approach. See how emotional intelligence tactics empower you to leverage the impact of emotion, thrive in competitive environments, and prevent fight or flight responses from hijacking your best intentions. Explore ways to leverage EQ to connect with people, add value, and grow your business.
> Improve your decision-making when it matters most. > Navigate change and better manage disruption. > Identify the derailers that may be holding you back. > Trace problems to their roots so they can be solved more easily. > Be agile and thrive in today’s chaotic environments. > Shape your company culture to drive loyalty and engagement.

ISBN: 9781940858913
Publisher: Ideapress Publishing
Pub Date: 07/2019
Format: Paperback
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