The Mosin Nagant Performance Tuning Handbook: Gunsmithing tips for modifying your Mosin Nagant rifle

Author: David Watson


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This book takes the reader through 163 pages and loads of photos of accurizing the classic Mosin Nagant battle rifle from A-Z.

Learn about

  • History of how the rifle came about!
  • How to purchase and what to look for in a Mosin Nagant!
  • Correct cleaning, maintenance and testing! Stocks, bedding, modifications and after market parts!
  • Barrel, bolt and action modifications and tuning!
  • How to perform trigger jobs and replacement performance triggers
  • Iron sights, optics, after market items and zeroing!
  • How to choose the right ammunition or hand load for this classic rifle!
  • Specialised shooting techniques suited to this classic rifle!
  • Trouble shooting for your Mosin Nagant! Special gunsmith techniques and tips to squeeze the most out of your Mosin Nagant!

This book helps the reader to purchase, clean, restore, tune, modify and compete with this wonderful piece of living history – all at home.

This book unlocks the gunsmithing secrets and special techniques of how to get the most out of this rifle. This book is for the average shooter who wishes to hunt with something classical or surplus, for the sportsman who wishes to compete in historical military service rifle competition, for the collector and enthusiast who simply wants to enjoy the nostalgia and wants to put the modern ‘tacticool’ shooters to shame!

This book provides the reader with step by step instructions and detailed photographs on how to modify and tune their rifle for standard competition, as well as ‘no holds barred’ modifications for absolute accuracy.

ISBN: 9781976700941
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Pub Date: 12/2017
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