The Modern and Perfecting Rite of Symbolic Masonry: A Freemasonic Reformation to the Glory of the Enlightened Humanity and a Movement for a Humanistic

Author: Nicolas Laos


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Publisher: Credos
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This book provides: (i) a scientifically and philosophically rigorous system of esoteric training and social action; (ii) a method of understanding the reality of the world and the reality of consciousness; (iii) a philosophical approach to Freemasonry and a Freemasonic approach to philosophy; (iv) an investigation of the meaning and the history of Freemasonry; (v) a thorough and systematic exposure of a unique Freemasonic Rite created by the author, namely, the “Modern and Perfecting Rite of Symbolic Masonry”; (vi) the Ritual and the Constitution of the Autonomous Order of the Modern and Perfecting Rite of Symbolic Masonry, of which the author is the Founder and Grand Master; and (vii) an open invitation to a concrete, creative Freemasonic and existential path. An integral, inspiring, and rigorous existential vision. A book bridging esotericism, philosophy, and social sciences. A new Freemasonic and intellectual movement.

ISBN: 9781634244190
Publisher: Credos
Pub Date: 01/2023
Format: Hardcover

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