The Migraine Relief Diet: Meal Plan and Cookbook for Migraine Headache Reduction


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Publisher: Rockridge Press
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In The Migraine Relief Diet, author and certified nutritionist Tara Spencer offers a simple cleanse, easy-to-follow meal plan, and delicious recipes for migraine headache reduction. A migraine sufferer herself for nearly twenty years, Spencer took control of her diet and eliminated her personal trigger foods to dramatically reduce her migraines.

Tara shares her methods to help readers identify dietary triggers and guide them towards migraine relief, with:

  • An in-depth migraine overview (beyond “a really bad headache”) to encompass other severe, prolonged symptoms
  • A 3-day cleanse, including symptom tracker, meal plan, and coping strategies
  • A 28-day meal plan featuring wholesome, migraine-safe recipes from breakfasts to mains and everything in between
  • A post-cleanse reintroduction diet to safely incorporate trigger foods
  • Time-saving strategies and health-boosting activities to reduce stress

ISBN: 9781623159498
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Pub Date: 04/2017
Format: Hardcover
Weight: 1.61lbs
Size: 9.25h x 7.50w x 0.75d

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Weight 1.61 lbs
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