The Masters of Wisdom


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“The Masters of Wisdom” is the last book to have been published during the John Bennett’s lifetime, and is probably the most unusual, having little in common with his previously published works, except in serving a number of discrete objectives. Originally planned to be incorporated into a single volume to be entitled “Gurdjieff and the Masters of Wisdom” this work was separated from what became “Gurdjieff: Making a New World” which eventually was published a year earlier in 1973. In the last years of Bennett’s life, he had been deeply affected by his close association with the Turkish mystic, Hasan Lutfi Shushud, and originally a contract was drawn up with a London publishing house for the combined work, in which both men were signed as joint authors. However, before anything was written, Shushud abruptly withdrew his support for the project, ostensibly on the grounds of a disagreement with the publishers. Only after Bennett’s death in 1974, Shushud indicated privately that he found Gurdjieff’s teaching and methods offensive. There is however some overlap between the two books, and “The Masters of Wisdom” draws on Gurdjieff’s resources as well as material provided by Hasan Shushud. “The Masters of Wisdom” is unlike Bennett’s other books not only in the way it is constructed, which appears to be somewhat out of balance, but also in the content. The first three chapters provide an overview of material presented 8 years earlier in the fourth volume of “The Dramatic Universe”, of the Earth as single intelligent whole, in which humanity plays an increasingly active role and – must accept greater responsibility. These chapters provide an introduction to Chapter 4 which presents an account of the Christ Event not to be found anywhere else, and by Bennett’s own account, arising out of insights vouchsafed to him privately by Gurdjieff. The next chapter serves as a bridge to the second major detailed message Bennett shares, which concerns the extraordinary period spanning at least 350 years, when a group of men within a single unbroken tradition played a pivotal and benign role in otherwise catastrophic events. It is not clear why Bennett devotes an entire chapter to Genghis Khan in a book entitled “The Masters of Wisdom” except that he appears to have been an exceptionally gifted individual whom Bennett apparently admired for his great self-control, and his willingness to accept guidance from a spiritual director. The researches Bennett completed in his last years led him to certain conclusions which may not have been fully expressed in this account. Unlike Bennett’s other books, “The Masters of Wisdom” contains hidden messages, and also occult elements which are accessible to those able to access them. “Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson” and “The Dramatic Universe” showed the transformative power of books, but like “Meetings with Remarkable Men” this book imparts information which remains hidden except from those readers who find the key. The book is also unlike any of Bennett’s other books in containing secret “magic” elements, opening mystical channels. Since the text was left unfinished when Bennett died, it is not possible to know for certain whether the message of the book is complete or would have included other material such as the very detailed accounts that Bennett gave to his student in the last months – the “esoteric phase” – of the Third Basic Course. Overall the message is of the planet we inhabit seen as a single indivisible whole, of which we human beings are an important element, but which is subordinate to the Cosmic forces.

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