The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted: How to Grow a Stronger, More Intimate Relationship


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Publisher: Thomas Nelson
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Your Marriage Is A Story Only You Can Tell

Your marriage is a story … a tale as unique as you are. Sometimes the story is beautiful, full of “happily ever after” togetherness. Other times, the story is full of pain, sadness, or deep disappointment. The story changes as time passes. Things happen. People come and go. Everyday pressures begin to build. Unless a couple guards against it, a downward spiral of unexpressed expectations, feelings of failure, negative perceptions, and increasing self-preservation eats away at the fabric of their marriage, tempting many couples to give up – and split up.

The good news is that this “cycle of disaffection” can be broken! Read The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted and find out how to…

  • Recognize the four warning signs of emotional “distancing,” and how to break harmful patterns that have begun to take root,
  • Recapture the closeness you once experienced as a couple,
  • Build a “fortress for three” around your marriage, where together with God you can build a plan for the rest of your lives together.

Each chapter contains an important topic for discussion, a Bible study, and optional activities. Working together, you and your spouse can experience a newfound sense of joy, passion, and companionship – all that God intended marriage to be.

ISBN: 9780849937453
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Pub Date: 10/2000
Format: Paperback
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Weight 0.86 lbs
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