The Magick of Saint Expedite: Tap into the Truly Miraculous Power of Saint Expedite

Author: Baal Kadmon


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From all the saints to work with, Saint Expedite is the most responsive. It is for this reason I am writing this book with great enthusiasm. Unlike many other spiritual entities, Saint Expedite works very quickly. He is always ready to help. If you do an internet search, you will find thousands upon thousands of testimonials about him. He truly is a miracle worker.( I will provide various links at the end of this book. )Saint Expedite works so well that I felt compelled to publish a work about this great saint and provide you all the information you will need to tap into his miraculous power. On a personal level, Whenever I have been in financial binds, Saint Expedite always came through. ALWAYS, and he comes through for thousands of others every day, all over the world. No matter what your personal belief is, he will work for you too.Saint Expedite has a rich history in the magickal community, especially Hoodoo and voodoo communities. Working with Saint Expedite is in a real sense performing saint Magick.In this book, we will cover who Saint Expedite is and how to tap into his power.

ISBN: 9781516879946
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Pub Date: 06/2015
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