The Magick Of Lilith: Calling Upon the Goddess of the Left Hand Path

Author: Baal Kadmon


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Learn the History and Practice of the Great Goddess of the Left-Hand Path

Perhaps you have heard her name. Lilith is the great goddess of the Left-Hand Path. A goddess misunderstood and misrepresented. She strikes fear in the hearts of Mankind and yet comforts those who call upon her name. She will tease you; she will taunt you; she will force you to look upon the dark corners of your soul.

She is the Goddess of the Qliphoth. Out of her, the Left-hand tree is continuously born.

I must warn you, much of the evidence we have about Lilith is very biased, but despite this, I think you can learn much about her and put her “reputation” into the proper perspective. Although some may consider her evil, I consider her to be the quintessential goddess of the left-hand path.

In this book, we will discuss the story of Lilith and, more importantly, we will learn how to tap into her fierce energy so we too can walk the left-hand path with her.

She is not for the faint of heart…You have been warned.

In this book, we will perform seven rituals:

1. To Place a Curse on Your Enemy.

2. Bind Someone to do Your Will. (It could be for any purpose)

3. To Gain Seductive Powers

4. To Gain Protection from Lilith (Read carefully)

5. To Gain Courage and Inner Strength

6. To Gain Occult Power and Wisdom.

7. Sexually Dedicate yourself to Lilith

By reading and practicing what is in this book, you will be embarking on a journey.

May Lilith grace you with her presence.

So Mote It Be

ISBN: 9781530663378
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