The Magic in Me

Author: Kelly Zimmer


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Recent graduate Emi Watson struggles with her new job and relationships until an unlikely mentor reveals hidden talents within her that have the power to make Emi’s life amazing-if she’ll let them. Awkward and ordinary, Emi Watson is thrilled to land an internship at Knox Machinery. Though Emi’s fellow-intern, Pak Zacharia, becomes more than just a friend, Emi also develops a crush on the company’s controller, Tony Guiden, a good-looking, but strange executive with an inexplicable interest in Emi. Emi’s summer is marred by her nasty manager, who threatens to fire Pak. When Emi turns to Tony with a request that even she doesn’t fully understand, Tony delivers, but new problems confront Emi, who yearns for an ordinary, peaceful life. As Emi struggles with these dilemmas, Tony presses her to work with him to awaken the unusual talents he believes she possesses. When a beautiful co-worker catches Pak’s eye, Emi again turns to Tony for help. An intimate afternoon with Tony is followed by a series of unexplainable events that force Emi to accept that there really is magic within her.

ISBN: 9781686189609
Publisher: Independently Published
Pub Date: 08/2019
Format: Paperback
Weight: 0.75lbs
Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.52d

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Weight 0.75 lbs
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