The Lost History of Ancient America: How Our Continent Was Shaped by Conquerors, Influencers, and Other Visitors from Across the Ocean

Author: Frank Joseph



The Lost History of Ancient America presents new evidence of transoceanic visitors to America, hundreds, even thousands, of years before Christopher Columbus was born. Its 20 eminent contributors are experts in a variety of fields, from botany, biology, and prehistoric engineering to underwater archaeology, archaeo-astronomy, and Bronze Age warfare.

In ancient times, the sea was not an impassable barrier separating our ancestors from the outside world, but a highway taking them to every corner of it. Never before and nowhere else has so much evidence proving the impact made on America by overseas visitors been assembled.

You will learn about:

  • A chain of stonewalls across southern Illinois that has stood for the last two millennia.
  • A profusion of plants flourishing throughout the United States and Canada that originated more than 20 centuries ago.
  • Underwater ruins recently found off the coast of Oregon.
  • Bronze Age oil wells in Pennsylvania.
  • And much, much more.

The Lost History of Ancient America ends the debate between cultural diffusionists–who have always known that our ancient ancestors did not consider the sea an impassable barrier–and cultural isolationists, who have been equally certain that humans lacked the know-how and courage for global navigation until a little more than 500 years ago.

ISBN: 9781632650689
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Pub Date: 10/2016
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