The Little Library ( Mr. Tiffin’s Classroom )



Mr. Tiffin and his students from the perenially popular How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin? and The Dinosaur Expert are back in this picture book about a wood-working project that helps a young student become a book lover.
Everyone in Mr. Tiffin’s class couldn’t be more excited that the new school library has finally opened. Everyone except Jake. Jake is a slow and careful reader. Sometimes he reads the same page more than once to figure everything out. And he often feels left behind on class Library Day. All that changes when Librarian Beck notices Jake running his fingers across the grooves of a brand-new bookshelf and offers him an old, worn book: Woodworking for Young Hands. Jake checks the book out, studies the pictures and instructions, and renews the book again and again. When the school year comes to an end, Jake has the perfect gift idea for the librarian who changed his life–and he makes it with his own two hands.

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