The Little Book of Rootwork: A Beginner’s Guide to Hoodoo–Including Candle Magic, Rituals, Crystals, Herbs, and More

Author: Paris Ajana



Explore the world of hoodoo with an experienced rootworker in this friendly, accessible guide to rituals, spells, and other traditional folk magic.

Rootwork, also known as hoodoo or conjure, is an African American folk magic influenced by a blend of African beliefs, traditions, and cultures. This book includes step-by-step guidance for over 80 rituals, spells, and techniques that can help manifest your goals and transform your life.

Written by a descendant of African American and Filipino rootworkers, Paris Ajana (also known as the Hoodoo Goddess) guides you on a spiritual journey, teaching skills such as:

    Preparing altars and sacred spaces

    Crystal spells, herb magic, and candle creation

    Constructing mojo bags, doll babies, and honey jars

    And much more

Learn to connect with the spirits of your ancestors to invigorate your mind, body, and soul as you delve into the mystical world of rootwork.

ISBN: 9781646041879
Publisher: Ulysses Press
Pub Date: 04/2022
Format: Hardcover

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