The Little Book of Marijuana: Mind-Blowing Facts, History, Trivia and Recipes

Author: Spruce


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Publisher: Spruce
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Everything you could possibly want to know about the world’s most popular drug in less than 100 pages!

A great gift for the stoner in your life, this bite-sized book is full of recipes, history, trivia, fun and facts to enjoy, all on the world’s most cultivated leaf.

Including anything and everything from ‘Weird Science: the five stages of a herbal high’, ‘The Herb in History: High achievers – famous smokers from around the globe’, to ‘Know your Blow: 20 great smokes that will blow your mind’ ‘Mind-bending facts: The a-z of crazy weed names’, ‘Ganja Games: Blindfolded joint building’ and ‘Marijuana Munchies’ recipes.

Soon enough you’ll have expert level knowledge on all things bud and will have achieved the ‘highest’ honors within the cannabis club. So don’t be afraid to pass on the lessons, remember – sharing is caring!

Full of fun stuff to keep you amused, it’s an enlightening read on weed!

ISBN: 9781846015946
Publisher: Spruce
Pub Date: 10/2022
Format: Paperback

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