The Legion of Shadow: Destinyquest Book 1


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Publisher: Gollancz
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You have no memory of your past.

With only a sword and a backpack to your name, you must discover your destiny in an unfamiliar world full of monsters and magic.

As you guide your hero through this epic adventure, you will be choosing the danger that they face, the monsters that they fight and the treasures that they find. Every decision that you make will have an impact on the story – and, ultimately, the fate of your hero.

With hundreds of special items to discover in each book, you can completely customise your hero. You can choose their weapons, their armour, their special abilities – even the boots on their feet and the cloak on their back No two heroes will ever be alike, which means your hero will always be unique to you.

Welcome to a new world. Welcome to Valeron. Welcome to DestinyQuest.

ISBN: 9780575118737
Publisher: Gollancz
Pub Date: 06/2013
Format: Paperback
Weight: 1.10lbs
Size: 7.70h x 5.10w x 1.60d

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Weight 1.10 lbs
Dimensions 7.70 × 5.10 × 1.60 in