The Immigrant’s Guide to Living in Australia: 5th Edition – 2022/2023 Further Revised, Improved and Updated


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Australia is a country superbly organised to assist new immigrants and overseas business people wanting to relocate their business and staff to Australia. Before taking that huge step you need to know what to look for and where to find it.

This 2022/2023 Fifth Edition of The Immigrant’s Guide to Living in Australia has been revised, improved and updated to provide you with the complete ‘how to make it’ in Australia. Whether you are planning your journey or seeking information about a future move to Australia, this book answers all your questions and provides you with the following tips on how to make the changes easier and more successful:

– What do I take with me on the plane and who will meet me at the airport?

– What New Zealanders coming to Australia need to know?

– What should I look out for when renting a home or apartment?

– How expensive is it to rent a house or apartment in Melbourne, Sydney or Perth?

– What are real estate prices in Melbourne and Sydney?

– How do I go about buying my first home and what traps should I avoid?

– What is the salary structure in Australia?

– How do I go about finding a job?

– Until I find a job, are there any unemployment benefits I would be entitled to?

– Will I have to undergo military service in Australia?

– How does the Australian taxation system operate?

– How does the banking system work, and how do I get an introduction to a bank?

– What child care facilities are there if both parents work?

– What is the cost of education in Australia?

– Can I send my child to a private school if I have the means?

– With the high cost of medical care today, is there a national health scheme?

– How to buy a franchised business.

– What is the Australian attitude to household pets?

All this and much, much more, including the most up-to-date statistics are covered in this new, handy book.

ISBN: 9780645506228
Publisher: Bookpod
Pub Date: 08/2022
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