The Idéal Shotgun: and Manufrance


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The goal of this book is to bring to light a gun that has remained almost unknown for years. A gun that even their owners can appreciate in all its full value.
There is not much information about the Idéal shotguns and Manufacture Française d’Armes et Cycles (later Manufrance). However, the Idéal shotgun was and still is a notable gun. It looks like a traditional round-action gun, but it has one of the most unique locks and firing systems. Despite being produced by a big factory, it was made by artisan’s hands for almost a hundred years. Introduced in 1887, it has an incredibly innovative design, especially considering that it was designed in a time when the steam train and the telegraph were new and the smokeless powder had just been perfected.
The Manufacture Française d’Armes et Cycles made a huge variety of guns for almost a hundred years. Founded in 1885 by Étienne Mimard and Pierre Blachon in the Loire valley, it grew to be the biggest French gunmaker. Within the wide variety of guns they manufactured, the Idéals were the most notable. Manufrance was also significant for their huge Tarif/album (catalog) with thousands of products and their mail-order system. Each day they received tons of mail that they processed. The delivery department had the huge task of shipping their products all over the world in due time with the slow 19th century means of transport.

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