The Heart of Money: A Couple’s Guide to Creating True Financial Intimacy



Money issues have long been the number one cause of relationship disharmony and divorce, yet when it comes to identifying and changing unhealthy money patterns and behaviors, many couples feel helpless. Money coach Deborah Price has taught thousands of people how to work together to resolve money conflicts and create a financially empowered future. In these pages, she presents strategies and tools for creating financial intimacy while learning to communicate about money issues calmly and reflectively, rather than reactively. With inspirational stories and practical techniques and exercises, this book will help you and your partner:

* learn the language of financial intimacy and talk about money in a healthy and empowering way
* recognize and change unhealthy money patterns
* identify which of the eight money types apply to each of you and understand the impact they have on your life, your relationship, and your finances
* build a mutual sense of financial security and confidence
* work through setbacks and challenges to make your relationship stronger than ever before

ISBN: 9781608681273
Publisher: New World Library
Pub Date: 10/2012
Format: Paperback
Weight: 0.66lbs
Size: 8.52h x 5.55w x 0.51d

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Weight 0.66 lbs
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