The Hands-on Guide to Solar Power Installation


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This book is about how to install a residential solar system yourself. It is oriented toward a “Do It Yourself” (DIY) way of thinking, and everything herein is indeed something you can personally do. If, after reading this book, you decide on a professional installation, knowledge gained will give you confidence regarding dealing with the installer. A self-installation is less expensive (typically half). You will also get a strong feeling that it is “yours”, that if something goes wrong down the line, you can deal with it with confidence. A very wide spectrum of system types and issues is dealt with in depth: grid-tie or battery-based? How big? What about the permitting process? What do all the pieces look like and what do they do? Can I mount solar panels on my roof without (much) help? (Yes) How do I deal with batteries? Can I use this system during power outages? Can I really wire all this stuff up? (Yes) So, if you would like to take on a solar system installation, but are feeling reluctant because of all the considerations and complexities you think might be involved, read this book. It will give you a clear picture of what you will have to do, take the mystique out of it, and allow you to make a more informed decision whether or not to embark on your possible adventure.

ISBN: 9781720439516
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Pub Date: 06/2018
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