The Golf Swing: It’s Easier Than You Think


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An effective golf swing will produce a thousand correct positions – but a thousand correct positions won’t produce an effective golf swing’.

Using a thorough analysis of more than 200 research articles, author Chris Riddoch – a scratch golfer in his teens and one of the UK’s leading sports scientists – explains why this statement is true. In The Golf Swing, he describes why we must avoid the endless technical complexities of the ‘swing theory quagmire’. He explains how dissecting the swing into countless angles and positions and trying to recombine them actually stifles our best learning weapon – our powerful, innate skill-learning mechanisms, which thrive on simplicity.

The Golf Swing combines two sciences: golf swing mechanics and human skill learning. The result is an approach to swing development based on just four movement skills – key skills – each of which can be learnt using the simplest of swing thoughts. In contrast to other books – which merely describe the swing – The Golf Swing explains the best way to learn it.

Grounded firmly in high-quality science, yet written in a non-scientific, entertaining style, The Golf Swing cuts through the buzzing bewilderment that surrounds the golf swing. All golfers – from beginners to tournament professionals – will benefit.

‘For any other human skill, we know we can do it, but we don’t know how we do it. In the golf swing, it’s the opposite – we know everything about how to do it, but we can’t DO it’.

ISBN: 9781479123940
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Pub Date: 09/2012
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