The Fun of Loving Jesus


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Jesus taught us little that was new! For centuries prophets had been bringing God’s messages to our benighted world, but in those ancient days what had been divine truths soon were muddled by human superstitions. It was the beautiful mission of Jesus to clear away all that was of man and reveal at last the truth of God!

If you are delighted with your Christian denomination, this book is not for you. But if you are like so many of us who were reared in the religion but have increasingly found it spiritually wanting, you will be glad to discover that a fresh look at the message of Jesus yields a thrillingly positive Christianity based in God’s eternal love that can powerfully transform both your life and the world.

Jesus tells us that spiritual growth is the purpose of human life, and it turns out that our most effective program for rapid spiritual growth is the Gospel words of Jesus. In The Fun of Loving Jesus, Roberta Grimes invites us to sit at the feet of the Master and hear afresh. His plan for spreading love to all the world. As Roberta says, “Growing spiritually makes you the happiest that you can be!” There also is evidence that if as few as 10 percent of us will follow the Gospel teachings, we can claim at last an ancient promise. We can transform the world from its present despairing state into the universal garden of love that Jesus referred to as the Kingdom of God.

ISBN: 9781737410669
Publisher: Greater Reality Publications
Pub Date: 11/2022
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Weight 0.66 lbs
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