The Foundation of Huna – Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times


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Huna is the ancient spiritual, psychological, and physical healing discipline of Hawai’i, a tradition that was secretly transferred from teacher to initiate for many generations. This tradition is brought to the general public by someone chosen to carry on one of Huna’s lineages, Dr. Matthew James. A university president, lecturer and trainer, Dr. James has studied many ancient paths but is dedicated to preserving the practice and wisdom of Huna. While honoring the integrity of Huna, in “Huna, Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times” Dr. James translates Huna’s primordial teachings into contemporary realities, offering practical applications of Huna principles to enhance health, prosperity, and well being in all aspects of life.

ISBN: 9780984510702
Publisher: American Pacific University Press
Pub Date: 03/2010
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Weight 0.56 lbs
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