The Five Things We Cannot Change: And the Happiness We Find by Embracing Them

Author: David Richo



“A lucid, thought-provoking, and illuminating” guide to finding fulfillment and “fluid acceptance of life as it is” (Martha Beck, life coach and New York Times-bestselling author)

Why is it that, despite our best efforts, many of us remain fundamentally unhappy and unfulfilled in our lives? In this provocative and inspiring book, David Richo distills thirty years of experience as a therapist to explain the underlying roots of unhappiness–and the surprising secret to finding freedom and fulfillment.

There are certain facts of life that we cannot change–the unavoidable “givens” of human existence: (1) everything changes and ends, (2) things do not always go according to plan, (3) life is not always fair, (4) pain is a part of life, and (5) people are not loving and loyal all the time. Richo shows us that by dropping our deep-seated resistance to these givens, we can find liberation and discover the true richness that life has to offer.

Blending Western psychology and Eastern spirituality, and including practical exercises, Richo shows us how to open up to our lives–including what is frightening, painful, or disappointing–and discover our greatest gifts.

ISBN: 9781590303085
Publisher: Shambhala
Pub Date: 06/2006
Format: Paperback
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