The Firflake


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Publisher: Boralis Books
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“But what if I’m looking near the field and the Firflake falls by the old stream?”

Engleberta Ruprecht is this year’s Watcher, and she takes her job very seriously. The Watcher is tasked with waiting for the first snowflake of winter and leading Papa Knecht, the head of the family, to where the Firflake will fall. While the parents prepare for the special day, Papa Knecht and Mama Alvarie gather the grandchildren and tell stories.

They tell the legend of the Firflake, a story of cold northern plains and whipping winds.

They also tell how Papa, when he was just a young man, went out to explore the wide world. They tell of how, on a cold winter’s night in a small town, Papa was attacked by a group of young men. They tell of how Papa was rescued by a tall stranger named Nicholas, and how in return Papa aided Nicholas on his Christmas Eve mission. And they tell of how Papa and Nicholas’ friendship became the foundation for the family’s long Christmas tradition.

Told in the best winter campfire storytelling tradition, The Firflake: A Christmas Story is a tall full of familiar Christmas stories told in a new light.

ISBN: 9781622257874
Publisher: Boralis Books
Pub Date: 11/2021
Format: Paperback
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