The Double Bottom Line: How Compassionate Leaders Captivate Hearts and Deliver Results


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Compassionate leadership isn’t about being nice; when practiced effectively, it’s a strong leadership style that can elevate your spirits and profits.

Compassionate leaders are not weak. They are tough leaders who understand that they can be good to their people and deliver stronger results. In fact, taking care of your people actually leads to better results. In his new book, Donato Tramuto–recognized CEO, business leader, innovator, and philanthropist, –makes the case that compassion is a key leadership principle that

– powerfully drives trust, success, and innovation;
– raises morale, builds stronger teams, and improves overall performance;
– creates sustainable commitment to an organization’s mission and values.

Tramuto interviewed nearly 40 successful leaders who practice compassionate leadership and reveals the best strategies from their playbooks. He then combined these interviews with his own insights, numerous studies, and original, qualitative research of 1,500 participants to unleash the measurable data and benefits of compassion in the workplace.

Most leaders have an innate desire to be compassionate, but many don’t know how to put it into practice. This book shares inspiring stories and actionable examples of how proven leaders have accomplished this and how you can too. The bottom line on bottom lines: compassionate leadership is about better people and better business.

ISBN: 9781639080045
Publisher: Fast Company Press
Pub Date: 04/2022
Format: Hardcover
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Weight 1.25 lbs
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