The Divine Forces of the Lunar Naksatras: as Originally Portrayed in the Vedas

Author: Radhe


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In The Divine Forces of the Lunar Naksatras, the ancient Vedic portrayal of the twenty-seven naksatra rulers are revealed. Included are their characterizations, mystical powers, sacrificial roles, myths and legends. The translation of several critical Sanskrit texts never before available to the Jyotisa community are presented. Testimonial: “The Divine Forces of the Lunar Nakshatras is a great resource for any Vedic astrologer who is truly interested in understanding the mythology behind the Nakshatras. It is a scholarly work that deserves a place on every Jyotishi’s bookshelf ” James Kelleher. Radhe has recently published Your Healing Stars, Vol. I: Fundamentals of Vedic Astrology and Your Healing Stars, Vol. II: The Integration of Ayurveda with Vedic Astrology.

ISBN: 9781500591946
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Pub Date: 08/2014
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Weight 1.31 lbs
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