The Crime Without a Name: Ethnocide and the Erasure of Culture in America



In this incisive blend of personal narrative and philosophical inquiry, journalist and activist Barrett Holmes Pitner seeks a new way to talk about racism in America

An NPR Best Book of the Year
Can new language reshape our understanding of the past and expand the possibilities of the future? The Crime Without a Name follows Pitner’s journey to identify and remedy the linguistic void in how we discuss race and culture in the United States. Ethnocide, first coined in 1944 by Jewish exile Raphael Lemkin (who also coined the term genocide), describes the systemic erasure of a people’s ancestral culture. For Black Americans, who have endured this atrocity for generations, this erasure dates back to the transatlantic slave trade and reached new resonance in a post-Trump world.

ISBN: 9781640095595
Publisher: Counterpoint LLC
Pub Date: 01/2023
Format: Paperback
Weight: 0.92lbs
Size: 8.60h x 5.60w x 0.90d

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Weight 0.92 lbs
Dimensions 8.60 × 5.60 × 0.90 in