The Complete Ninja Collection


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Expanded and collected for the first time in a single volume, the six ninja books by this legendary ninjutsu master offer a comprehensive guide to this misunderstood martial art. Beginners will be introduced to the building blocks of ninjutsu: the basic postures, the natural elements that correspond with fighting techniques, the sorts of weapons utilized, and the “scheme of totality.” More advanced practitioners will benefit from descriptions of such principles as enlightened consciousness, the goton-po theory of escape and invisibility, and the union of body and weapon. Meditation exercises are included to strengthen the consciousness and decrease reaction time. Expanding upon his original writings, and interwoven with the wisdom and insight garnered from four decades of martial arts training, the author addresses misconceptions associated with ninjutsu and shares the story of his path to becoming an internationally recognized warrior and martial arts educator.

ISBN: 9780897502061
Publisher: Black Belt Books
Pub Date: 11/2013
Format: Paperback
Weight: 3.70lbs
Size: 8.80h x 6.20w x 2.00d

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Weight 3.70 lbs
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