The Book of Relief: Passages and Exercises to Relieve Negative Emotion and Create More Ease in The Body


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The Book of Relief contains soothing passages, empowering affirmations, and simple exercises that have been proven to aid your body in relieving stress and maintaining balance. The book works with your mind and body to help you release, rebalance, and realign yourself. It’s designed to support your emotional and physiological functions to bring you relief. You can pick it up when you are stressed, upset, sad, or want to give up, and it will guide you into better feelings. The first part of the book offers an overview of the automatic nervous system, the brain-body conversation, and the vagus nerve, all of which play an important role in how you approach, manage, and release stress. The second part of the book contains over 170 passages and “I” statements designed to bring you immediate relief and set your mind at ease. This section will support you emotionally and mentally as you work on releasing tension from your body.The third and final part of the book is full of simple and common exercises anyone can do to trigger the peace and relaxation part of the nervous system. Most of the exercises have been backed by scientific studies on relieving stress. It will help you to get and stay in the habit of relief. The exercises support your nervous system so it can in turn support you in dealing with everyday stressors. It will return your body to a natural state of ease and comfort. Whether you feel frustrated, stressed, or stuck, this book has something to offer you. If you have been searching for some relief, you will find it through this book.

ISBN: 9781539953319
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Pub Date: 01/2017
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