The Book of Numbers


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Publisher: Copernicus Books
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John Horton Conway is a world famous professor of mathematics at Princeton University, and inventor of The Game of Life. Previous books include On Numbers and Games, and Sphere Packing, Lattices and Groups. Richard K. Guy is professor emeritus of mathematics at the University of Calgary, with more than 200 publications and 10 books to his credit. Potential readers include the audience for The Mathematical Tourist (Ivars Petersen, Freeman); A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper (Paulos); A Tour of Calculus (Berlinsky); and Longitude (Sobel).

ISBN: 9780387979939
Publisher: Copernicus Books
Pub Date: 09/1996
Format: Hardcover
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Size: 9.30h x 6.40w x 1.00d

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Weight 1.35 lbs
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