The Beach of Yesteryear: Stories and Essays

Author: Lloyd Lim


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Publisher: Outskirts Press
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Author Lloyd Lim’s ten short stories take readers on a rapid-fire tour of the human capacity for wistful remembrance, flawed memories, self-deception and cruelty to others, without losing sight of the humor in it all. His writing is simple and concise, but his ideas about the human condition are subtle and complex. Readers who enjoy a certain amount of ambiguity and ambivalence, who like to mull over the meaning of a short story as a reflection of their own present concerns, will find this collection intriguing and entertaining. Also included in this volume are some of his previously published and unpublished essays on culture, politics and education. Mr. Lim puts it this way: “drawing a bright line of distinction between fiction and non-fiction may not always make sense when reflecting upon contemporary life and society.” His essays cover a dazzling array of topics, but are always pointed and relevant. Because Mr. Lim worked in government, has taught in a classroom and is a musician and writer, he doesn’t only draw from academic theory or creative imagination. He isn’t just looking in from the outside; he has the insights of a practitioner. In short, there is a rare variety and range in this volume that readers will find both engaging and provocative.

ISBN: 9781977250766
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Pub Date: 05/2022
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