The Baphomet of Éliphas Lévi: The Most Misunderstood Symbol in the History of Occultism



This essay illustrates the symbolic meaning of the Baphomet according to Éliphas Lévi.

Contrary to popular belief, the Baphomet is an image of an esoteric Jesus Christ created from a composite of alchemical, Kabalistic and Christian symbols.

Instead of representing licentiousness or personal freedom, the Baphomet actually illustrates Éliphas Lévi’s belief that magick practitioners must live lives of extreme asceticism and the abnegation all personal desires in order to attain control of the Great Magickal Agent known as the Astral Light or Azoth.

According to Éliphas Lévi the purpose of magick is to selflessly serve society in order to improve it.

The Baphomet also illustrates Éliphas Lévi’s socialist goal of gender equality.

Additionally, the image of the Baphomet was intended as a criticism of the Catholic Church that persecuted the Templar Knights, who according to Éliphas Lévi were true followers of Jesus as evinced by their worship of the Baphomet.

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