The Athlete’s Gut: The Inside Science of Digestion, Nutrition, and Stomach Distress


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Publisher: VeloPress
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The Athlete’s Gut is an in-depth look at a system that plagues many athletes. This guide offers a much-needed resource for troubleshooting GI problems.

The majority of endurance athletes suffer from some kind of gut problem during training and competition. Symptoms like nausea, cramping, bloating, side stitches, and the need to defecate can negatively impact an athlete’s performance. Why are gut problems so common during exercise? And what can athletes do to prevent and manage gut symptoms that occur during training and competition?

The Athlete’s Gut makes sense of the complicated gastrointestinal tract and offers solutions to the tummy troubles that keep athletes from enjoying and excelling in their sport. Written by Patrick Wilson, professor of exercise science and registered dietitian, this gut guide for athletes combines the latest research on exercise and the gut with humorous descriptions and relatable stories. Athletes will better understand the inner workings of their own gut and will be equipped to make the needed changes to diet and exercise to perform–and feel–better.

ISBN: 9781948007108
Publisher: VeloPress
Pub Date: 05/2020
Format: Paperback
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Weight 1.30 lbs
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