The Art of Significance: Achieving The Level Beyond Success

Author: Dan Clark


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What would you rather have-conventional success or a high level beyond success? Dan Clark, one of the world’s leading inspirational speakers and leadership trainers, vehemently opposes the conventional wisdom about success. He believes it’s tragic and superficial to build our careers and personal lives around getting more money, bigger houses, cooler toys, and fancier job titles. What’s it all worth in the end? How many outwardly successful people still feel empty inside? Clark has spent decades traveling around the world, interviewing the famous and powerful; consulting with presidents and generals and sheikhs and corporate leaders; creating a multimillion-dollar speaking and consulting business that teaches what works, what doesn’t and why.

In our rapidly changing world where most leaders focus on what makes Millennials and other generations different, Dan focuses on the timeless truths that make us all the same. In this sensational and timeless book, Dan literally takes readers to the next level in every aspect of life! By challenging the most common principles of success that have created limiting beliefs, Dan replaces them with his Twelve Highest Universal Laws of Life Changing Leadership, and delivers them in his time-tested three step A.R.T. process that increases Awareness of the things that prohibit peak performance; Refines who you are and why you do what you do; and creates a Transformational experience that turns success into significance!


LAW 1: Practice Obedience Beyond Free-will Agency

LAW 2: Exercise Perseverance Beyond Patience

LAW 3: Proactively (Intentionally) Stretch Beyond Change

LAW 4: Trust Predictability Beyond Hope and Faith

LAW 5: Know the Whole Truth Beyond Believing What You Think

LAW 6: Focus on Winning Beyond Team

LAW 7: Do Right Beyond Seeking to Be the Best

LAW 8: Experience Harmony Beyond Forcing Balance

LAW 9: Accept Others Beyond Judging Them

LAW 10: Love and Be Needed Beyond Being Romanced and Used

LAW 11: Establish Covenants Beyond Making Commitments

LAW 12: Forgive Beyond Apologizing

Mindset Take-A-Ways: Inspired people don’t have to be motivated; When we identify ourselves in terms of what we do instead of who we are, we become human ‘doings’ instead of human ‘beings’ – unacceptable if significance is what we seek; when we focus on purposes instead of just setting goals, our ‘why’ becomes bigger than our ‘why not, and the ‘how-to’ becomes clear and simple.

ISBN: 9798986404301
Publisher: Dan Clark and Associates
Pub Date: 06/2022
Format: Hardcover
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Weight 1.10 lbs
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