The Art of Affirmations


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Publisher: Red Feather
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Strongly felt beliefs can affect the way we see ourselves and how we respond to others, both positively and negatively. Now life can be improved and creative potential harnessed by using The Art of Affirmations. This three-deck set, of 36 cards each, is dedicated to empowering and motivating the user at the very core of their consciousness in its own unique way. It’s as easy as pulling a card, once a week or a few times a day, to replace negative ways of thinking with more-constructive ones. Three decks can be selected: Divine, Heal, or Breathe. Readers then connect to the message on the card and are also inspired by the symbolism of the artwork. With The Art of Affirmations as a guide, anyone will be able to develop spiritual skills, energize their life, and restore a sense of well-being.

ISBN: 9780764363702
Publisher: Red Feather
Pub Date: 10/2022
Format: Hardcover
Weight: 0.82lbs
Size: 4.83h x 3.76w x 2.44d

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Weight 0.82 lbs
Dimensions 4.83 × 3.76 × 2.44 in