The Anger Toolkit: Quick Tools to Manage Intense Emotions and Keep Your Cool



A quick-relief guide for calming anger in the moment–just when you need it most.

Do you struggle with problem anger? If so, you are far from alone. Sometimes anger can be a helpful emotion. It pushes us to stand up for ourselves or the people we care about–or to advocate for a cause we believe in. But sometimes, anger can become intense and overwhelming, and lead us to act in destructive or harmful ways–impacting relationships, work, and our health. So, how can you take charge of your anger before it gets the best of you?

Written by a team of anger experts, The Anger Toolkit offers evidence-based anger-cooling skills, exercises, and tools drawn from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). With this powerfully effective pocket guide, you’ll learn to:

  • Find calm right away with “emergency” anger management skills
  • Understand your anger, as well as your anger triggers
  • Get unstuck from anger before it gets the best of you
  • Be good to yourself by creating a life where your physical and emotional well-being are high priorities

If you’re ready to stop letting anger rule your life, this easy-to-use guide has everything you need to stay calm, cool, and in charge of your emotions.

ISBN: 9781648481338
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
Pub Date: 01/2023
Format: Paperback

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