The Anahata Codes: The Law of Attraction of Energy Medicine Directory of Codes


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Beyond our time-space reality, there exists a database of raw components from which everything in our world has been pulled through into manifestation. What makes a lemon a lemon and a dog a dog is merely arrangements of Energy & Information that we decipher as such. Each of us has a unique energetic signature beyond the arrangement of these components but also Archetypically within these configurations. With the collective definition of something being inclusive, this database has been called many things: Akasha, Divine Feminine, The Field, The Subquantum Domain. Never before has a way to access and use this information been so eloquently provided. Without having to know anything about this mysterious abyss of unlimited potential, of all things that ever were and ever will be, we can tap into this database for any concern or desire because we are already a part of it. The illusion of separation means that we can go about our lives contained within our bodies and living our own lives. The memories we assign and the identities we associate with further enforce the illusion of separation, but we can expand past it all and tap into all things without their physical presence or our ability to perceive them with our senses. The Anahata Codes is the Law of Attraction of Energy Medicine and first began in the Spring of 2015 when Author, Anahata Holly Hallowell had a Divine Download. She set about Channeling The Anahata Codes and they have steadily grown in both depth and popularity. With tens of thousands of people around the world at the time of publication using them to bring peace, joy, healing, and meaning to their lives, the Anahata Codes can be used for any concern or desires: mental, emotional, physical, or Spiritual. This book is an organic living document which is a Directory of the Sacred Codes. It does not explain the science behind this revolutionary new self-directed biologically transformative technology; for that, you will need to read “Resonance Remembrance: The Art of Activating Assisting Frequencies and Evolutionary DNA” also by Anahata Holly Hallowell. You are holding within your hands the ability to decipher the unique energy signature which you need at this precise moment, or for others, and a fast and effective way to activate the Assisting Frequencies we are already connected to inextricably. The simplicity delivered through this infinitely complex subject matter is truly extraordinary. Removing completely the need for you to understand any of the things listed inside even at a basic level. Your higher-self already knows what you need and the joy of “pulling a code” through Magnetism and activating the assistance available is a ride you will never forget. The three steps are so simple, that even a child could do it. There is no force and the activations are different based on the person’s own unique needs. No two Anahata Codes are activated in the same way because no two people need the assistance the Code they chose provides in the same way. You are about to rediscover your connection to ALL things and through this Divine Connectivity, unlock the essence to transform every aspect of your life – beyond mindset and into physicality. You are about to Activate Assisting Frequencies and Evolutionary DNA through Resonance Remembrance.

ISBN: 9798687273480
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