The Alcoholic / Addict Within: Our Brain, Genetics, Psychology and the Twelve Steps as Psychotherapy

Author: Andrew P


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A doctor in recovery provides a guided tour through the brain changes, genetics, and psychology that cause addiction… and how to use this information to beat addiction. The Alcoholic / Addict Within is a book that empowers alcoholics and addicts – and those who wish to understand them – with an understanding of the science behind why we become addicted, why we do the things we do, and why it is so difficult to stop.The science is presented in everyday language, and with a sense of humor that makes it a fun read. The information enables a deeper understanding of ourselves and our addiction. It allows those who love us to get a look inside us, and (for once) find an understanding of our disease. Anyone who reads this will never again ask us: “why don’t you just stop? ?” They will see first hand that alcoholism / addiction is a disorder of biology and not a failing of morality. They will learn how they can best help us.The 12 Steps are used as a framework for applying the science to recovery. The 12 Step program was chosen because it is remarkably consistent with all aspects of the science of addictions. For those working the 12 Steps or sponsoring others the information will enrich the experience by matching the science to the program. For those who are not involved in that program the information is equally applicable to their own recovery.The science is used to explain the basis of some effects widely experienced by people in recovery: the “insanity” of alcoholism/addiction, the “pink cloud” effect, relapse dreams, hostage-taking, “wet brain,” co-dependency, relationships, and obsession. Also addressed are important recovery issues such as self-esteem, coming to terms with past traumas, dealing with anger, finding peace-of-mind, self-forgiveness, and putting a stop to cravings. The question: “do I have an alcoholism / addiction gene, and will I pass it on to my children?” is answered.Also explored are the intimate ties between alcoholism / addiction and mental illness. They are so alike we can barely tell them apart, and so woven together that one can kindle the fire of the other. In fact, it can be very difficult – sometimes impossible – to figure out which came first and brought the other on. Or even to tell them apart. We get to the bottom of this compelling issue that affects well over half of addicts and alcoholics.The book speaks to many audiences. The main audience is alcoholics/addicts and those who wish to help and understand them. Loved ones, teachers, clergy, medical professionals, counsellors and therapists, all will gain insight and understanding.

ISBN: 9781370106431
Publisher: Smashwords
Pub Date: 08/2017
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