Thank Your Wicked Parents: Blessings from a Difficult Childhood

Author: Richard Bach


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Publisher: Rainbow Ridge
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Thank Your Wicked Parents has at its core a shocking but undeniable truth:
Some parents are wicked and repeatedly lash their helpless children with abuse
and humiliation. Other parents, while not intentionally malicious, nevertheless fail
to provide their family with the loving kindness that they need and deserve. But the
author also offers a positive message: While uncaring, cruel parents can’t change
the long history of their abuse, grown-up children should not only let the misery
of the past go, but also learn from the lessons that their parents unintentionally
taught them through their actions. In other words, the pain of the past can be
transformed into blessings.
A unique book, Thank Your Wicked Parents is intended to offend abusive parents
and, more important, to provide their adult children with a new perspective on the
past and a path to a far brighter future.

ISBN: 9781937907020
Publisher: Rainbow Ridge
Pub Date: 06/2012
Format: Hardcover
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Size: 5.10h x 4.50w x 0.60d

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Weight 0.30 lbs
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