Thai And Chinese Cookbook: Asian Food Made Simple With 140 Tasty Recipes From Thailand And China

Author: Maki Blanc


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Do you want to learn how to cook traditional Chinese and Thai recipes at home?In this 2 books in 1 by Maki Blanc you will discover towards a world of authentic Chinese and Thai recipes that can be easily cooked in your kitchen.

In the first book, Chinese Cookbook, you will discover a world of authentic Chinese recipes that can be easily cooked in your kitchen.

Chopsticks and wok are the natural companions of one of the most tasty cuisine in the world. Chinese food is far from the greasy dishes you can find in low graded restaurants. Chinese food is rich, crunchy, spicy and balanced, with hundreds of different dishes from noodles to proteins.

China is one of the biggest countries in the world and its cuisine differs a lot from north to south in terms of seasoning and cooking techniques, for reasons linked with the territory that goes from subarctic region to the tropical seas and partly due to historically different influences.

The basis of Chinese cuisine are posed on rice and wheat, staple food necessary to feed a population of over 1.3 billion people. Soybean products, vegetables and spices, such as Sichuan peppercorn, cloves and cinnamon, along side poultry and red meat complete the picture of a complex, tasty and entertaining cuisine, that can be easily replicated at home with ingredients found in the local supermarkets.

In Chinese Cookbook by Maki Blanc you will learn:

  • How to cook authentic Chinese food at home
  • 70 easy recipes for traditional Chinese food
  • Easy to follow recipes for the most famous and exciting Chinese recipes

If you like strong flavors and you are ready to discover that Chinese cuisine is far deeper than a couple of dumplings, this cookbook is for you!

In the second book, Thai Cookbook, you will discover a world of authentic Thai recipes that can be easily cooked in your kitchen.

Thai cuisine is a perfect combination of lightly cooked ingredients and strong spices. The mix of the two originates one of the most appreciated cooking style in the world and dozens of mouthwatering recipes.

Traditional thai foo can be labeled in four categories:

  1. Tom (boiled)
  2. Yam (spicy salads)
  3. Tam (pounded)
  4. Gaeng (curries)

In a fifth group we can find stir fry, fried and steamed, but these three techniques has a strong derivation from Chinese tradition.

All the cuisines in the Asian region have at least 1500 years of long history and traditions. Thai food has got over time influences from China, Malaysia and Indian, but the biggest change that occurred took place in 1600 when chili pepper had been imported from the Americas.

Rice plays a key role in Thai cuisine and is often served as side of the main plates, with the purpose of creating a single dish mixing chicken, meat or vegetables with balls of rice.

In Thai Cookbook by Maki Blanc you will learn:

  • Brief history of Thai food
  • How to cook traditional Thai recipes at home
  • Easy to follow and read recipes for authentic food from Thailand
  • 70 recipes for spicy asian food

If you love Asian food and you want to cook it at home to impress family and friends, this cookbook is for you.

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