Temples on the Other Side: How Wisdom from Beyond the Veil Can Help You Right Now


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Publisher: Hay House
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Sylvia Browne once again brings you new and fascinating information that can help you in life. This time she explores the many temples and halls that exist on the Other Side and how their functions can truly change your life. Using meditative techniques, Sylvia shows you how you can access these beautiful edifices, each of which has a particular purpose.

From the Hall of Healing to the Temple of Azna (the Mother God), Sylvia explains the role of each of these wonderful places and gives you the opportunity to experience the beauty and wonder of your real home. With the help of her spirit guide Francine, Sylvia uses her ability of trance mediumship to give you a vast amount of new information on all of the temples, halls and other important sites on the Other Side that can be used to aid and embellish your life on Earth. She includes wonderful meditations to not only reach these special places but to also give you insight on how to use their attributes to enrich your life. This is another fascinating and inspirational journey that only Sylvia Browne can take you on

ISBN: 9781401917463
Publisher: Hay House
Pub Date: 05/2009
Format: Paperback
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Weight 0.78 lbs
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