Telesa: The Covenant Keeper



An island of secrets. A girl on fire. An epic battle of the elements. Can love truly conquer all? A thrilling love story inspired by Pacific mythology, featuring a sinister sisterhood with an environmental agenda and a fiery yet vulnerable young woman who must master her gifts – before they destroy her and all those she cares about. Leila Folger escapes the stifling misery of life with her American grandmother and goes to Samoa searching to connect with her mother’s family. All her efforts to learn more about the mother she never knew are met with hostility. What really happened eighteen years ago when her father fled the island with his infant daughter? Why is everyone afraid to even talk about the woman he once loved? What is a ‘telesā’ and why does even the mention of her name strike such fear in everyone Leila meets? And why is Leila having vivid nightmares about a mother she can’t remember? Leila’s quest for truth takes a thrilling turn when she meets Daniel Tahi, irresistibly compelling with his island-warrior tattoos, breath-taking jade eyes and golden smile. What is it in Daniel’s mysterious past that binds him and Leila so closely? When Leila discovers she is heir to a fiery birthright, she must choose between the Sisterhood and the boy she loves. Can they overcome all that divides them, even the very elements?Telesā The Covenant Keeper is YA fantasy fiction set in the Pacific Islands and the first book in the Telesā Series by internationally renowned, award-winning author Lani Young. REVIEWS#1 Top Rated Fantasy Romance#1 in Australia and Oceania Books#1 in Teen and Young Adult Australian Fiction Ebooks#1 Top Rated in World Literature#1 in Children’s Multicultural Folk Tales “I was expecting the story of a young girl dealing with changes in her family life and maybe a little romance. What I got was a sweeping epic of Samoan lore and star-crossed romance that grabbed on and wouldn’t let go ” Liz Reinhardt, Bestselling author of Harlequin Teen YA Rebels Like Us and the Brenna Blixen Series.”How many times do you come across a book that gives you everything you want in a book? Telesā has it all. There’s Leila, the girl that we can all relate to. She’s smart and confident, but doesn’t always know what to do. She goes to Samoa searching for a place to belong. She didn’t expect to meet a boy. A certain boy, who she hates at first, who is also SMOKING hot. Daniel. Did I mention I’m in love with Daniel? With his rugby playing abs, amazing muscles, interesting tattoos, and killer smile. He can be vicious and competitive on the rugby field one minute, and sweet and chivalrous the next. Sorry, I’ll stop now. This book is not just about Daniel…” Jillian Dodd, USA Today bestselling author of The Keatyn Chronicles, Spy Girl Series, and That Boy. “A household name with Pacific readers worldwide…” SUGA Magazine.”Telesā is full of depth and lots of twists and turns. Ms. Young takes you on a ride you won’t forget. She writes a story with great detail but it never overpowers the point of the story. It is a great romantic thrill ride that has your heart pounding and pulse racing till the end.” Amy, Avid Reader Amy’s Reviews, Goodreads. “I was gripped from the opening pages and plunged into this epic story where mythology blends with the modern world of Samoa. I could not agree more that Telesā is the Twilight of the Pacific It’s addictive, exciting and romantic. I love that Leila struggles with the power bubbling inside her. It has that whole superhero-origins-story vibe. I was particularly captivated by the Pacific setting, the high school friendships, and the exploration of culture, myth and legend.” Rachael Craw, award-winning author of The Rift YA Sci-fi series. “I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. It’s full of passion, conflict, tension, lies- and I absolutely loved it.” Neriah, Reviewer at Chocolate Coffee Books.

ISBN: 9781466253711
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Pub Date: 03/2012
Format: Paperback
Weight: 1.12lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.51w x 0.90d

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Weight 1.12 lbs
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