Team Australia: A Race Through the History of Our Great Nation Viewed Through the Most Important Lens of All: Sport

Author: H. G. Nelson


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For more than thirty years, HG Nelson has been finding the poetry in the punt and humour during half-time. Now, he turns his keen eye for facts and folly to the illustrious history of our great nation. In his trademark fast and furious style, HG touches on the most important moments that have formed Australian society, ranging from music to war to politics to culture and far beyond. He reminds us of our leaders great sporting triumphs, from Harold Holt’s swimming to John Howard’s bowling; shows how Don Bradman might (MIGHT) have had a word with Churchill that turned around the war effort; and explains why Australia’s reality TV is the best in the world. A History of Australia Through Sport is HG’s magnum opus – an all-encompassing, no-holds-barred history of our great nation, told through the stories of our sporting highs, lows and middles.

ISBN: 9781760985271
Publisher: MacMillan Australia
Pub Date: 03/2022
Format: Paperback

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