Tap Into The Power Of The Chant: Attaining Supernatural Abilities Using Mantras

Author: Baal Kadmon


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If you have read my other books you know that I recommend the use of mantras as a vehicle for magick. They are very powerful and often times easy to recite. In my other books that deal with mantras I provide a bonus chapter on something called “Siddhi”. I have been asked several times to go into greater depth about this and so I have decided to write this text. By attaining Siddhi, while using a mantra, you are literally embodying the power of that mantra. You will have the mantras power. For example, if you are looking to attract material abundance, the seed mantra for that is SHREEM. If you recite SHREEM 10,000 times, you will attain the essence of that Supernatural power. You will be able to recite SHREEM and attain your material goals easily. You will be a magnet as it were. You will attain supernatural powers. In this book, we will discuss, in greater depth, what Siddhi is. After that, I will present a few powerful mantras and provide you the exact number of recitations you will need to attain Siddhi. Not all mantras have the same recitation count. I will also provide helpful tips on how to keep track of your recitations and most importantly, we will discuss the immense responsibility given you once you achieve Siddhi. Do Not take this lightly, once you achieve Siddhi for any given mantra, you will possess that power. USE IT WISELY.

ISBN: 9781516855612
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