Talmud on the Mind: Exploring Chazal and Practical Psychology to Lead a Better Life (Berachos)

Author: Ethan Eisen


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Publisher: Kodesh Press
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Where do we turn to better understand ourselves? For many people, the insights of modern psychology provide a way to be in touch with the inner-workings of their minds. However, for those familiar with traditional Jewish literature, the penetrating psychological insight of the Talmudic Sages provides a framework for spiritual and personal growth through profound self-understanding. In this volume, Ethan Eisen, a Yeshiva University- ordained rabbi and clinical psychologist, explores the seeds of contemporary psychology that are woven through the pages of the Talmud and its commentators. Based on passages from Maseches Berachos, Rabbi Dr. Eisen takes the reader on an illuminating journey through many topics-procrastination, bullying, mindfulness, and microaggressions, among many others-bringing traditional Jewish sources side by side with findings of modern psychology. He concludes each chapter with a life-enhancing practical lesson that emerges from these two mutually enriching sources of knowledge and wisdom.

ISBN: 9781947857490
Publisher: Kodesh Press
Pub Date: 10/2020
Format: Paperback
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