Switchblades of Italy


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Publisher: Turner
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This book starts the reader on a journey through time, with a short history of folding knives, leading to the evolution of the first switchblade. Progressing through time, wonderful photos illustrate the descriptions of switchblades. Throughout the book, highlighted sections showcase specific details that will be most helpful to collectors. Also included are facts about knifemakers styles, patterns, tang stamps, and a complete illustrated glossary. Contents Include: The first ever comprehensive publication about Italian switchblade knives, featuring knives and history from the late 1700s to the 1970s. Pictured within this hardbound book are nearly 200 beautiful photos and ephemera of the most unique and rarest Italian switchblades. Actual-size photos span more than two centuries of knifemaking history. Also pictured are catalog pages and advertisements, as well as historical photos. Extensive research has gone into this book to present never-before-published information which clears up and dispells many myths. Entire sections are dedicated to the most sought-after knifemaking companies, such as: Latama Coricama Mauro Mario Details about the knifemakers and businessmen involved behind the knives reveal who the major players shaping the switchblade industry and who made knives for other companies.

ISBN: 9781563119330
Publisher: Turner
Pub Date: 01/2004
Format: Hardcover
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Weight 1.30 lbs
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