Survival Ready: Life-Saving Skills and Expert Advice for Surviving Any Threat at Any Time


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Publisher: Media Lab Books
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No matter what situation you find yourself in, having the knowledge and skills to protect yourself and your family is now more important than ever.

Learn how to help ensure your survival and safety under any circumstances. This book is packed with skills and lessons in situational awareness, personal protection, travel security, and critical thinking. Learn how to think like trained military and intelligence operatives and arm yourself with the tools to meet and conquer any situation.

Check Freedman and Billy Jensen draw upon decades of personal experience in surveillance, counter surveillance, anti-terrorism tactics, survival, evasion, resistance, escape, armed and unarmed combat and much more. From pandemics and riots to active shooters and other survival situations, Survival Ready presents hundreds of lessons to help ensure your safety, no matter what circumstances you might find yourself in.

– Decision-making in an emergency
– Critical thinking
– Wilderness survival
– Urban survival
– Natural and man-made disaster survival
– Situational awareness
– Crisis planning and response
– Social engineering
– Human psychology
– And hundreds of additional skills designed to make you into a force to be reckoned with.

Survival Ready provides the information and skills you need to be confident in your ability to handle any situation.

ISBN: 9781948174749
Publisher: Media Lab Books
Pub Date: 05/2021
Format: Paperback
Weight: 1.10lbs
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Weight 1.10 lbs
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