Suicide: Methods for a safe and peaceful death

Author: Boris Kilian


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Second Edition 2022. With a bonus chapter on the “Remedy X” from the Netherlands.

After repeated criticism from readers of the first edition that the mentioned suicide drugs were too difficult to obtain, here comes the second revised edition. It includes an additional chapter on another suicide method: with a substance that can easily be ordered over the Internet.

The subject of suicide is still taboo. Politicians or medical doctors think they have sovereignty over our death. Yet the time and manner of our death should be entirely in our own hands.

This book presents safe and peaceful methods of saying Goodbye to life. Methods that everyone can implement themselves, without having to rely on the mercy of others. With the exact step-by-step preparation, the names of concrete medicines, dose indications and sources to obtain the drugs in question.

Among others, the following methods are presented:

◆ Helium

◆ Antimalarial drugs

◆ Remedy X

◆ Barbiturates

ISBN: 9798454623043
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Pub Date: 08/2021
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