Structural Systems – Second Edition


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This book covers the topics on structural systems that architects and architecture students need to be familiar to better understand how architectural structures work. The material presented in this second edition helps with the collaboration and interaction of architects with the structural engineers in addition to giving them a solid background on the behavior of structures under various environmental conditions. The book consists of five parts: 1. General Structures, 2. Lateral Forces, 3. Structural Framing Design, 4. Questions and Answers, and 5. Appendix. The first two parts include a number of short numerical examples that help readers better understand the concepts discussed. The book includes a large number of graphics to help explain the technical topics. The following is a brief description of each part of the book: General Structures – This part covers the general structures topics and is divided into five main sections: 1. Structural Theory, 2. Steel Structures, 3. Concrete Structures, 4. Wood Structures, and 5. Long-Span Systems. Lateral Forces – This part covers the lateral forces topics and is divided into four main sections: 1. Different Types of Lateral Loads, 2. Building Structures Lateral Load Resisting Systems, 3. Wind Loading, and 4. Earthquake Loading. Structural Framing Design – This part provides information on the structural framing design and is divided into three main sections: 1. Structural Framing, 2. Steps for the Structural Framing Design, and 3. Examples. Five complete structural framing examples are included in this part of the book. Questions and Answers – This part includes 255 multiple-choice questions along with the detailed answers to each. Appendix – This part includes a list of the formulas and reference materials that help with solving problems included in the book.

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