Stranger Than Fiction: True Supernatural Encounters Of A Spiritual Warrior

Author: Bill Bean


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Bill Bean has done a great job of connecting the paranormal dots in his new book “Stranger Than Fiction.” His Mandela Effect chapter is absolutely mind-blowing. Great book that is a must-read George Noory Coast to Coast AM
I’ve booked Bill on the radio show many times…and there’s a reason for it. Stranger than fiction will take you on a journey of the unknown and unexplained in a way that will leave you wanting more. Get it, Read it You won’t be sorry. Tom Danheiser Senior ProducerNational Radio Show Coast To Coast AM
We do indeed live in strange times, and I am beyond thrilled that Bill Bean has put together such a wonderfully written book, ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ which in my opinion could not have been written at a better time With more and more people experiencing and witnessing Paranormal and Supernatural phenomenon than ever before, this book is an important one What makes this book valuable is the true and personal accounts of the author along with other contributors sharing their fascinating experiences of UFOs, Angels, Ghosts, Bigfoot and the Mothman phenomena This book encompasses them all and is a must read for any avid Paranormal researcher and enthusiast Tracie Austin TV & Radio Host for Let’s Talk Paranormal and The Tracie Austin Show.
The traveling exorcist, television and radio personality (Discovery Channel, Lifetime Movie Network, Destination America) and bestselling author, Bill Bean, shares some of his most amazing experiences in Stranger Than Fiction: True Supernatural Encounters of a Spiritual Warrior. Bill’s new book is 250 pages of up to the minute accounts and understandings of the shocking variety of supernatural events occurring in the world today. Bill Bean offers a bridge book of comprehensive knowledge on all of these topics to the best of his ability and personal experiences. Stranger Than Fiction is an important, thoughtful, and well-written book to add to your personal library to refer to again and again.
Chapter One: AngelsChapter: Two DemonsChapter Three: GhostsChapter Four: UFOsChapter Five: BigfootChapter Six: Bigfoot (Mike Suppa)Chapter Seven: Mothman (Travis Shortt)Chapter Eight: CERN (Kev Baker)Chapter Nine: Mandela EffectChapter Ten: The Final Word

ISBN: 9781790630769
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Pub Date: 12/2018
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