Stonehenge: The Mysteries of England’s Most Sacred Historical Landmark

Author: Phil Coleman


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STONEHENGE: The Mysteries of England’s Most Sacred Historical LandmarkMention Stonehenge and many people instantly think of an ancient monument with religious significance. They see images of Druids at sunrise, the summer and winter solstices, and festivals.
There are hundreds of ancient circles around the UK – an estimated 900 now and possibly over 4,000 at one time. The earliest ones were built of wood but that changed to stone in the late Neolithic and early Bronze Age period. Stonehenge may, therefore, be regarded as just one amongst many.
It is, however, without doubt unique. It’s a wonderful piece of engineering, especially considering it was built by people who had only the most rudimentary of tools to do the job. Its history goes back over 4,500 years – even older than the Egyptian pyramids – and possibly even further, with evidence of other major construction on the site going back another 2,000 years.
Indeed, some large Mesolithic post holes found under the current car park are dated around 8,000 BC, indicating a possible 10,000 year plus usage of the site.
This book looks at the history, mystery and sacred tales of Stonehenge, England’s most cherished landmark.

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